environmental products... that don’t cost the earth

Most organisations are beginning to look seriously at how much of an impact their business has on the environment.

The purchasing of environmentally friendly business supplies is essential in reducing the huge amount of waste generated by a throw away product culture.

At Business Supplies Direct we offer an extensive range of environmentally friendly products and services, which can help you, reduce your carbon footprint and assist in moving your company's operations toward a carbon neutral position.

Simply by changing a few business practices, you can enhance the environmental friendliness of your business and discover the benefits associated with reducing your carbon emissions.

So start making a difference and reduce your company's carbon footprint now!

A major consumable in any business is paper. The increasing standards of recycled paper, means that there is little or no difference in quality, when compared to less environmentally friendly papers. It is for this reason that we stock an extensive range of recycled papers.
Printer Cartridges
Over 2 million non-biodegradable cartridges are thrown away each year in the UK, adding to already overflowing landfill sites. You can help, by buying and recycling re-manufactured Inkjet & Laser jet cartridges through Business Supplies Direct.
We supply ethical coffee, tea & hot chocolate from Cafédirect, the UK’s largest fair trade hot drinks company The Fairtrade mark is an independent consumer label which guarantees a better deal for workers and producers from poor and developing countries, ensuring workers receive a fair wage to invest in their future. The chain is strong; local communities benefit from greater economic security, improved health services and education programmes that Fairtrade brings. purchasing environmentally friendly products helps reduce the impact of your business on the environment.

Purchasing environmentally friendly products helps reduce the impact of your business on the environment.