Business Supplies Direct has an extensive range of innovative products and solutions, specially designed for the retail industry.

We offer a whole host of retail display products, merchandising equipment, shop fittings and retail security products.

From tags, tickets and pricing guns for labelling and pricing your goods, to money detectors, security tags, and full EAS security systems to help you combat retail crime.

Whatever your retail supplies needs are, we are here to help you find the best products and solutions for your retail business.

Point of sale: Helpful, Functional, Desirable

Point of sale

We supply a wide range of point of sale products and accessories to help you price, identify and promote your goods or services.

We stock a large range of tags, swing tickets, garment tickets, sale cards, fluorescent ticket boards, price point labels, coat hanger size cubes available in multitude of different sizes and colours.

Garment rails, coat hangers and size cubes

Garment rails, coat hangers and coat hanger size markers are perfect for displaying all of your clothing, accessories and fashion merchandise without taking up too much floor space.

We have a range of sturdy garment rails that can be maneuvered easily around your retail store, opening up space when you need to and redirecting foot traffic when needed.

Our comprehensive range of coat hanger size cubes are manufactured to industry standard colours and have the size marked on all fours sides to make it easy for customers to find the correct sized item quickly and easily.

Pricing guns, labelling guns and accessories

Pricing and labelling guns allow you to price, date and label your items quickly and easily, and are perfect for use in all retail environments, warehouses and stock rooms.

We supply a wide range of high quality labelling and pricing guns and accessories, including pricing labels and ink rollers. Our range of pricing gun labels are available in many different colours, with options of either permanent or peelable adhesive and can be customised with your company name or logo.

Tagging guns and accessories

Tagging guns provide a quick and easy way to apply tags and tickets to clothing, fabric and soft goods, and are an effective way to price and label your products.

We stock a range of high quality tagging guns and accessories including tagging needles, tagging attachments and tagging tickets.

Reduce stock loss


With innovative security technology

Retail Security

Reduce stock loss with our range of innovative security products.

We supply an extensive range of effective and innovative retail security products and solutions for all types of retailers, from small independent shops to major high street retailers.

Our extensive range of security products are based around the needs of retail stores and provide the perfect solution for protection of staff, products and cash, and for deterring shoplifters.

We supply a wide range of retail security products including: detachers, EAS tags, RF alarms, alarming tags, apparel tags, ink tags as well as specialist tags such as spectacle tags and flame proof bottle tags, all the way through to fully bespoke security systems.

Bespoke RFID solutions

Our proven Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system is an effective end-to-end security solution for retailers. With options including underfloor, hidden loop, overhead systems and pedestals – Whatever your retail security needs are, we’ll find a security solution to fit your retail business.

Easy inventory management

Our range of RFID systems cover all formats and technologies. Bringing together stock control, logistics and security tagging, to put you in complete control of your shop operations at all times.

Save time

Reducing the time spent on Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and related activities is key in controlling one of every retailers largest ongoing costs.