Cost reduction, cost control and elimination of hidden costs are a key consideration when selecting a supplier.

At Business Supplies Direct, we are completely focused on reducing our customers’ costs. As well as offering competitive prices, we also work closely with our customers to reduce the hidden costs associated with the order requisitioning process

The real cost of buying a product for your business can be up to 125% higher than the invoice cost. Ringing suppliers for pricing, raising orders, booking products into stock, checking invoices, raising cheques, all these processes happen every time you raise an order. Add storage, pilferage and wastage and you can see how these “hidden costs” affect the final price you pay.

Our range of procurement solutions are tailored to the individual customer to help reduce the hidden costs associated with the day-to-day ordering of business supplies.

As well as being committed to the efficient supply of products for our customers, we also work in partnership to help reduce the hidden costs associated with the order procurement process

  • Reduce Expenditure

  • Reduce / Eliminate stock holdings

  • Reduce wastage

  • Reduce obsolescence

  • Reduce administration costs

  • Reduce product costs

  • Reduce suppliers

  • Reduce number of invoices

Procurement of businesses supplies and invoice processing is costly. Research shows the hidden cost of processing a single invoice can be as much as £64. At Business Supplies Direct we work with you to reduce this administration cost.

Adding up the hidden costs can add an additional 125% to the original purchase price.

  • 20% Pilferage (office supplies often go home with employees)

  • 6% Obsolescence (obsolete stock left in stationery cupboard / on shelves)

  • 10% Waste (stationery supplies can be found in desk drawers)

  • 15% Accounting (paying suppliers & charging back to departments contribute to the overall costs)

  • 34% Purchasing (Raising purchase orders & seeking quotations are a hefty portion of the overall costs)

  • 40% Storage (Inefficient stocking, labour & distribution accounts for the majority of office supplies costs)

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Keeping your procurement costs low